Current to February 7, 1960
Rev. Timothy E. Snavely [January 2017 to Present]
Wife: Sharon
Children: Timothy A., Katelyn “Katie”, Michael
Rev. Douglas Johnson [August 2007 to August 2016]
Wife: Crystal
Children: Lauren, Corey
Rev. Rollin Joe Phillips [September 2004 to June 2007]
Wife: Cecilia
Children: Joseph, Lauren, Kennon, Medeline
Rev. Jeffrey M. Johnson [September 2000 to January 2003]
Wife: Lisa
Children: Mallory, Bethany, Emily
Rev. James L. Dennis [June 1998 to April 2000]
Wife: Myra
Children: Andrea, Amber
Rev. Robert Holland [August 1992 to May 1998]
Wife: Dolly
Children: Brenda, Leah
Rev. Robert L. Peterson [March 1987 to June 1992]
Wife: Terri
Children: Robert, Rebecca
Rev. Laird Fain [September 1979 to June 1986]
Wife: Jean
Children: Dana, Gary, and Joyce (deceased)
Rev. Clinton Rogers (deceased) [1974 to 1979]
Wife: Gladys (deceased)
Children: Jerry, Sandy
Rev. Samuel Pack [1972 to 1974]      
Wife: Vicki      
Children: Sam Jr, Paul
Rev. Jerry Rogers [1969 to 1972]      
Wife: Sue      
Children: Melissa, Jay
Rev. Clinton Rogers (deceased) [1968 to 1969]      
Wife: Gladys (deceased)      
Children: Jerry, Sandy
Rev. Hubert Tomlinson (deceased) [1967 to 1968]      
Wife: Ada       
Children: Lois, Sharon “Shary”
Rev. Ronald Eugene Connally [1966 to 1967]      
Wife: Barbara (deceased)     
Children: Jon, Karen, Timothy
Rev. Gene C. Wilson [1960 to 1966]      
Wife: Ruth      
Children: Karetha, Gay and Kay [twins]